About NMCS

Welcome to NM Corporate Strategy Inc. (NMCS), a Management Consulting Company dedicated to providing innovative digital Strategic Management products at a fraction of the price.  At NMCS, we pride ourselves on delivering self-served, self-applied, and self-executed solutions that epitomize Efficiency, Effectiveness, Convenience, Affordability, Executability, Value Accretion, and Alignment. Our purpose-driven approach empowers you to effortlessly achieve business excellence.


Our Story

At NMCS, our journey began with a passion for driving meaningful, transformative change in businesses. Recognizing the challenges they encounter, we identified a need for solutions that surpass the conventional. Our strategy involves aligning a business’s mission with its investment and operations, mitigating the frustration of unmet expectations. We are dedicated to delivering Strategic Management Solutions that not only meet but exceed the highest executive standards.


What Sets Up Apart

Our solutions are meticulously designed with cost-conscious small and medium-sized businesses in mind, acknowledging the challenges of limited budget and time for essential transformative changes.

Addressing Time Constraints: In the hustle of essential day-to-day operations, we recognize the reality of being tethered to the office. Our products seamlessly integrate into your busy schedule.

Overcoming Financial Constraints: For those not ready to engage with, or unable to afford management consultants, worry not; our suite of products is the perfect alternative. With a diverse range of solutions, we provide the tools necessary to address the root of your business’s most pressing challenges.

Navigating Capability Constraints: If the timing isn’t right, or budget constraints hinder hiring expensive resources with the expert knowledge you seek, fear not; our products are meticulously designed with built-in strategic management intelligence to complement your expertise. Amply equipped for the needs of most small and medium-sized businesses.

At NMCS, we go beyond the solution; we forge creative partnerships to empower your business excellence.


Explore our range of self-serve, digital Strategic Management Products directly from our website. Books, Frameworks, Executive Journal and Workshop (coming soon), each purposefully crafted to address specific business needs.

Take advantage of the wealth of insights in our Insights Corner articles, dissecting crucial business problems to unveil practical applications. 

Insights that Empower You, Empowering Your Business Excellence.

Our Operating Beliefs


NMCS Simplify the Strategic Planning, Definition and Execution process so you get results faster, measure progress and optimize the effectiveness of the activity themselves.

Tony Robbins “Complexity is the Enemy of Execution.”


When it comes to your organization, it is all about what we can accomplish when we work together. NMCS appreciates that you know your business better than any external party ever could. We, in collaboration with you, helps unveil the insights you need to take your business to the next level

Henry Ford: “If Everyone is moving forward Together, then Success takes care of itself.”


The difference between good and great is Passion. Passion drives you to push beyond your limits and the conventional to find creative, innovative solutions, and keep going until you achieve your goal.

Richard Branson “I’m a great believer that you need Passion and Energy to create a Truly Successful Business.”