NM Corporate Strategy
Growth & Transformation

Our Purpose is to provide Digital and Self-Serve Strategic Management Solutions, making Growth & Transformation Effortless & Affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

How NMCS makes Growth and
Transformation effortless and affordable?

caliber intelligence

Capabilities Affordable

NMCS makes Executive Calibre Intelligence available in the correct quantity and approach to solve your most challenging business problems without you having to hire expensive resources.

Small Impactful Action

Strategy Simplified

NMCS Simplified Growth & Transformation by embodying the principles of Small Impactful Strategic Actions, Progress, and Strategic Alignment. When incorporated, the Strategies promote execution consistency to create continual ripples of micro-transformational changes throughout the organization- bringing the business progressively closer to its Mission.

Business Empowerment

Empower Excellence

NMCS Empowers you to Empower your Business Excellence by providing cost-effective Strategic Management products you can apply at your convenience, designed to help you pinpoint and resolve the strategic management gaps eroding your business success.

Our Operating Beliefs


NM Strives to simplify the execution process so you are able to get to the results faster by being able to measure the effectiveness of the activity itself.

Tony Robbins “Complexity is the enemy of execution”


When it comes to your organization, it is all about what we can accomplish when we work together. NM appreciates that you know your business better than any external party could. We, in collaboration with you, helps unveil the insights you need to take your business to the next level

Henry Ford “if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”


The difference between good and great is Passion. Passion drives you to push beyond your limits, beyond the conventional, and to not give up until you achieve your goal.

Richard Branson “I’m a great believer that you need Passion and Energy to create a truly successful business”

Our Services

Corporate Level Business Optimized Services to Refine and Strengthen your Competitive Advantage while enhancing your insights to effectively Grow or Transform your Business.

Sell your Business when you are ready to Transition ownership by developing a collaborative Sales Strategy and Execute the sales on your behalf.

Vision | Mission Refresher

Culture | Brand Refresher


Advantage Gap

Our Strategic Optimization utilizing the Agile and KISS principles reveal within the first two months your path forward.



Business Sales Framework designed to increase the power the seller has over the sales of his business.


“It’s not about reinventing the wheel but strategically applying tested principles in innovative ways to create value”

About me

Nallanie Manick
Nallanie Manick is an experienced Strategist, Executive Advisor, Project Manager and M&A Consultant who believes that in order to drive value, the organization must have the capabilities, executive buy in, and the desire to execute change.

She observed in her career that Sustainable value isn’t only created from massive lengthy projects, but, Sustainable value can also be created from small impactful change, executed using the right strategies.

With this passion for generating sustainable value, Nallanie developed a versatile framework Incorporating knowledge from well documented change management principles, KISS strategic principles and agile principles, geared towards optimizing your business with minimum disruptions to your business.

Nallanie comes from a family of small business owners which fuels her passion to create value for business owners who are ready to transition their ownership.