3 Strategies to Execute High Risk Projects.

Pursuing Growth & Transformation initiatives in uncertainty, when faced with limited information, limited expertise and the unknown, Is Possible. 

This video discussed in detail the following 3 Practical Strategies that allow businesses to confidently pursue high-risk projects. 

Strategy 1: Define Success Principles

Strategy 2: Measure Progress of you most critical activities

Strategy 3: Manage Deal Breakers.

The secret to the successful execution of high-risk projects is NOT to get hung up on the Numbers but to get Obsessed with Progress. 

This episode dives into detail on 3 strategies that allow you to pursue high-risk projects with confidence, providing the insights necessary to control the 

Tip: When executing high-risk projects, monitor progress regularly and be prepared to make micro-adjustments as new insights are unveiled. 


3 Telltale signs of Ineffective Management Practices

Insights Corner dives into a discussion that can be uncomfortable – Micro-Negative Behaviours.

Micro-Negative Behaviours that are sometime left unaddressed.

Micro-Negative Behaviours that slowly, over time, Erodes your Company Culture, Damages your Brand and Erodes Profitability. 

This episode discussed the following three negative-micro behaviours that negatively impact your business and provides two cost-effective strategies that create an environment that stifles the development of these negative micro-behaviours.

  1. The excessive use of Fear or Threat to manage subordinates
  2. The Abuse of the “Need to Know” Policy to leverage power over others
  3. And when a Leader encourages and leverages peer complaints to harness power over subordinates.

Efficiency vs Effectiveness

A common Management Fallacy is in believing that “an efficient business is an effective business”.

An Efficient Business is not always an Effective Business. 

This video discusses:

  1. Efficiency Benefits, limitations and when Efficiency alone can be detrimental for your business
  2. Effectiveness and the subtle difference between an Effective Business vs an Efficient business
  3. Efficiency Strategy drawbacks
  4. and Differentiates an Effective Business from just an Efficient business