Strategic Initiative Part 4: To Plan and Mobilize Strategic Initiatives.

The Strategic Initiative miniseries reached another pivotal point, the point in which the focus is now redirected from the Business Strategic Planning Team to the operators who will be responsible for the execution of any Strategic Initiative Project the business decides to pursue. 

We now shift the focus from the Corporate Strategy Team to the Operators of the business. The people responsible for the execution of the Business Strategic, Transformation projects.

Part 1 to Part 3 of this series dives into the activities necessary to develop the business Corporate Strategy Roadmap, plus the supporting details required to effectively execute the activities necessary to achieve the business Corporate Strategy.

Corporate Strategy Roadmap & Supporting information is relevant as long as the Corporate Strategy is unchanged. 

The S.I. Series Part 1 to Part 3 Saves Money and Time annually. The time saving spent on off-site workshops to unpack the business corporate strategy to re-envision the future of the business. We’re not saying that annual strategic planning isn’t important; it is. We’re saying that it is shortened due to having done the work properly, and comprehensively initially. Complete so it is reliable as long as the Corporate Strategy remains unchanged.

Part 4, this episode, To Plan and Mobilize Strategic Initiative, develop Strategic Initiative Project Management details required to:

  1. Seek and Secure Investment funding that is right for your business, and
  2. Source and Secure the Resources needed, as and when needed, to execute the S.I. project.

In this video, we discussed Strategic Initiatives and Project Management details that must be developed before seeking funding, and the details that must be prepared before attempting to secure the resources necessary to execute the S.I. Project. The Project Management details discussed, strictly from an S.I. perspective, are:

  1. Project Description
  2. Project Constraints
  3. Project Risk & Deal Breakers
  4. Project Milestones
  5. Project Schedule & Timeline
  6. Project Resource Schedule
  7. Project Finance & Cash Flow
  8. Project Communication Plan
  9. Project Deployment Plan

While cautioning against making Expensive Mistakes, Strategic Mistakes, the mistake all organizations want to avoid, must avoid, as well as discussing 5 data points businesses seeking funding must develop before reaching out to investors. 

See the video for complete details.


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In this series, we end every episode with “Be Strategic!” – a reminder of our commitment to ensure that all our work promotes the achievement of your business Corporate Strategy.