Strategic Initiative Part 1: What is Strategic Initiative?

Strategic Initiative Series Introduction

Strategic Initiatives are the building blocks of Growth and Transformation. 

The Executive Tool used to Create something the business needs to achieve a goal; Discontinue something obstructing the business from achieving its mission; or Fix something which in its current state is a hindrance in the business, preventing it from achieving its mission.

Strategic Initiatives are the building blocks of Growth and Transformation.


Strategic Initiative Series Purpose:

The Purpose of this series is to provide a structured, organized methodology to minimize the risk of wasting money on the wrong projects. Projects that do not further the achievement of the Business Mission, Or projects that widen the gap between the business and its Strategic Goals.


Benefits of this Strategic Initiative Mini-Series:

Provides a Structured and Organized process that:

  1. Ensures that your strategic initiatives are aligned with your business Mission
  2. Improves Investment ROI by minimizing risks of investing in the wrong project
  3. Preserves and improves your business competitiveness and minimizes strategy convergence


Part 1: What is Strategic Initiative? This Video

Part 1 of this 6-part series, What is Strategic Initiatives?

  1. Defined and Position Strategic Initiative in an Organization
  2. Differentiate Strategic Initiative from other Special Projects undertaken in an organization
  3. Share NMCS Strategic Initiative Process.