A Must-have Leadership Handbook

“Packed with Practical Experience honing in on the Leadership Essentials that Ensure Success; by leveraging your capabilities, education and experience.”

Tools Included in this Book:
  • Strong Leader Framework
  • Process Development Framework
  • Strategies to Measure Progress
  • Strategic Alignment Process
  • Leadership Decision-Making Process
  • Decision’s Strategic Alignment Component of Decision-Making Process
5 Reasons to Read This Book
#1: Develop the Leadership skills of a Strong Leader

Strong Leaders are accountable, hold others to a high standard and are self-and-business aware. They demonstrate a wealth of knowledge and are skillful in the execution of their duties. They inspire trust and loyalty.  ♠  The Leadership processes discussed in this book inspire you to elevate your Critical & Strategic Thinking skills while developing the awareness necessary for the holistic management of your function and duties.

#2: Elevate Knowledge into Intelligence

People are judged on their intelligence, not their education but their intelligence; earning the respect of others based on how well they apply the information, knowledge, and experience, utilizing sound judgement to make informed decisions.  ♠  The framework and strategies discussed in this book encourage you to process information in a structured, organized manner, applying the decision-making process to elevate knowledge into practical intelligence to lead more effectively.

#3: Improve the Quality of your Leadership / Work

The quote “How you do anything is how you do everything” was intended to inspire others to improve the quality of their actions. At the core of your action is the quality of your thinking, which is often compromised because of a failure to consider different scenarios, important criteria, missing information, or not thinking of the consequences of your actions. ♠ The strategies, tips, and insights discussed in this book were designed to improve the overall quality of your critical thinking skill, so you improve the quality of your work and the quality of your life.

#4: Improve Strategic Alignment

One of the most common sources of dysfunctional management practices – residing at the core of most business problems – is Strategic Misalignment. A non-intentional management practice in which major and minor decisions aren’t always validated to ensure that it is aligned with the business priorities – its Vision, Mission, or Values. ♠  The critical thinking skill development practice combined with NMCS Strategic Alignment Process discussed in this book, provides the tools leaders need to eradicate the points of weakness in the business strategic planning process and gaps in the business investment decision-making process, increasing the chances business eradicates Siloization and minimize investing in the wrong projects.

5: Improve Confidence

It is well established that when progress is made on the goals that are important to us builds our Confidence, while failure to live up to their expectations damages one’s Confidence. It is also known that the reason people fail to live up to their expectations is that they, either omit doing what is necessary or made uninformed decisions.  ♠ The tools included in this book help improve a person’s planning & execution skills, and measure & evaluate progress on the activities most important to the achievement of one’s goals; and when people see continued progress toward the achievement of their goals, it reinforces their Confidence in their ability to achieve their goals.