“It’s not about reinventing the wheel but strategically applying tested principles, innovatively to create value”

About me

Nallanie Manick

Nallanie Manick is an experienced Strategist, Advisor, Project Manager and M&A Consultant who believes that in order to drive value, the organization must first have the capabilities, executive buy in, and the desire to change.

She noticed throughout her career that Sustainable value isn’t only created from massive, expensive and lengthy projects, but, Sustainable value can also be created from Small Impactful Strategic Actions, executed with intentional consistency.

Nallanie purposefully packed her passion, experience and desire for helping SMBs, into versatile frameworks; utilizing tested philosophies, practices and principles; to get results, cost effectively with minimum disruption to the business.

Nallanie comes from a family of small business owners which fuels her passion to create value for small and medium size business owners; accumulated a wealth of experience stacked with insights from different industries and different roles; executing change of different scale and types; all geared toward creating maximum value, leveraging the resources existing with the organization. 

She empathizes with business owners who spent their entire adult life passionately building a business, only to be short-changed when they are ready to retire. Leaving money on the table or having to sell the business below its worth. She has a vested interest in changing this.